Sunday, February 8, 2009

Organiztion of AFA - Commisioner's Blog

This is how we are planning on organizing the AFA:

American Football Association- 2 leagues-

American Football League-4 Divisions-
North Division-
South Division-
East Division-
West Division-

World Football League-2 Divisions-
Europe Division-
Asia Division-

There will be teams in the American Football League that will be in Canada and Mexico.
There will be teams in the World Football League's Asia Division in Australia and possibly other Asian countries.
There will be teams in the World Football League's Europe Division in Africa.

There will be interleague preseason games.
There won't be any interleague regular season games.
There will be a championship game between the two leagues.

There is a possibility that we will absorb teams from the Europe Football League, X-League, and Gridiron Australia.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Possible Franchise Locations-Commissioner's Blog

This is an early draft of the cities or areas we are currently looking at to have a team or possibly teams in the AFA. I have a list for the planned World League and one for the American League.
Hope this helpful.

World League:
London, England, UK
Paris, France
Dublin, Ireland
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Lyon, France
Marseille, France
Milan, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Rome, Italy
Naples, Italy
Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Hannover, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Munich, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Helsinki, Finland
Turku, Finland
St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Vienna, Austria
Sofia, Bulgaria
Athens, Greece
Istanbul, Turkey
Dubai, UAE
Mumbai(Bombay), India
Kolkata(Calcutta), India
Hong Kong, China
Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Cape Town, South Africa
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Perth, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

American League:
Boston, Massachusetts
Hartford, Connecticut
Albany, New York
New York City, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Richmond, Virginia
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Raleigh, North Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Atlanta, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia
Jacksonville, Florida
Pensacola, Florida
Miami, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Columbus, Ohio
Canton, Ohio
Akron, Ohio
Frankfort, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Memphis, Tennessee
Birmingham, Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
St. Louis, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
Davenport, Iowa
Springfield, Chicago
Detroit/Lansing, Michigan
Lincoln, Nebraska
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Austin, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
El Paso, Texas/Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tucson, Arizona
Denver, Colorado
Salt Lake City/Provo, Utah
Las Vegas, Nevada
San Diego, California
Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim, California
San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland, California
Portland, Oregon
Boise, Idaho
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Mexico City, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
Veracruz, Mexico

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl-Prospective Franchise Locations

Happy Super Sunday everyone!!!
Go Cards!!!
I'm currently compiling a list of prospective franchise locations.
Check back here and at the league website at

Saturday, January 31, 2009

American Football Association-Commissioner's Blog

I'd like to announce the creation of my new venture called the American Football Association. I am currently not planning on a debut for the AFA, but I have started a study being done via the AFA website to find out if this is a viable venture. The AFA will be operated by the Standard Football Company in the AFA's planning stages, but will eventually function much like the English Football pyramid. The AFA will have a league in the US, and league representing the World. At the end of each season the AFA will have a United World Championship Game which will pit the winners of the two leagues. I'm hoping that the AFA will someday compete directly against the NFL. We are hoping to sign top NFL caliber players to our teams. Players will be represented by a Player's Association and will the AFA will have a Charity organization which will donate to several foundations. The AFA will be affordable and fun. As you all know the Super Bowl is happening tomorrow, and I have come realize that there is a thirst for more football. The AFA will quench this thirst for more football.